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5 tips to keep your industrial gate running smoothly

If you want to boost the security of your business and your investment, getting a customized industrial gate is your best bet. Motorized industrial gates Melbourne companies use offer extra security and protection to your business, unlike the traditional, non-motorized gates.

Aside from the added protection, automatic gates Melbourne has offer convenience. Since they are motorized, you can open and close industrial gates from your car or from the insides of your office or shop. This is most convenient when raining because you can just open or close your gate without leaving your car.

Having an upgraded gate can help protect your business, investment, and staff; therefore, it is necessary that you keep your security gate in good condition all the time. Here are some tips to keep your electric industrial gates running smoothly for a long period of time:

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Have your electric gates be serviced regularly.

The best way to know how often should you call an industrial gates Melbourne expert to check your gates will depend on the manual that they will provide. Some electric gates must be serviced and checked every 12 months.

However, if you hear unusual creaks and if you detect any irregularities from your gate, call an electric gates Melbourne professional right away.

Do a visual check regularly.

Make a thorough inspection of your industrial gate to check if there are dents, cracks, rusts, loose bolts, and faulty electrical wirings regularly. If there are damages to your electric gate, call an expert and seek their advice.

Keep your industrial gate lubricated.

It is advisable to lubricate parts that are responsible for the automatic movement of your security gate once every six months. The parts that must be regularly lubricated include the chain, pulley, roller, hinge, and other screws. These parts must be friction-free to prevent premature wear and tear and to ensure that your gate will function smoothly. Click here The Motorised Gate Company

Keep away rust from your gate.

Extreme weather conditions, dust, and dirt can contribute to the formation of rust on your motorized industrial gate. To keep away rust, make sure that the parts that need lubrication are properly lubricated, while you can use acrylic paint on the rest of your gate. If you see rust accumulation, you can remove this by washing it with a mild detergent or scrubbing it off with sandpaper.

Check the auto-reverse function of your industrial gate at least once a month.

You do not want any accidents to happen just because the auto-reverse function of your gate is not functioning. If the auto-reverse function is not working, your gate will automatically close once you press the close button even if there is an obstruction. Now, just imagine if this obstruction is one of your employees or customers. If the auto-reverse function is not working properly, immediately call a security gates Melbourne company to fix your gate.

The performance and life span of your industrial gate will depend on how you maintain it. If you cannot do the maintenance on your own, you can hire the services of professionals.

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