Thursday, April 2


Saving Yourself from Influenza: 6 Good Reasons Why You Should Get a Flu Vaccine


Every year, flu vaccine programmes are increasingly becoming ill-conceived by many people all over the world. In Queensland, for example, there is confusion among some individuals on how effective and safe it is to get immunised. What they are missing is that receiving annual flu shots is their best means to build resistance to the common cold, seasonal flu, and even the H1N1 virus (commonly known as swine flu). Now, dismiss the discouraging rumours about these immunisation programmes and listen to some good reasons why you should participate in them.

1. It protects yourself and the people close to you.

If you get a vaccine for influenza, you are not only protecting yourself from the virus, but also your family members who are not yet capable of receiving it, such as infants less than 6 months of age and older people over 50 years old. By getting vaccinated, you reduce the risk of passing the virus to your loved ones. Click here SmartClinics

2. It is safe and effective.

Contrary to what other people are saying, flu vaccines are safe to administer. In a continuous effort to fight the effects of flu viruses, which are often evolving, developers thoroughly study and test flu shots before they are released to the public. With that said, it is always safe to get flu vaccine Townsville, Brisbane, or any city in Queensland has.

3. It ensures you are protected from viruses that tend to evolve year after year.

As previously mentioned, flu diseases are proven to evolve, so it is recommended to get annual flu shots. Basically, vaccines are updated to fight off the potential risks the viruses would bring the following year. This is important especially for children who need to boost their immune systems to fight the risks without fail.

4. It helps prevent other health conditions from worsening.

If you are suffering from other health conditions, such as heart disease and asthma, getting vaccinated can prevent these illnesses from getting worse than they should be. By getting a flu vaccine, you are mitigating the risks that can make these conditions life-threatening.

5. It ensures good work performance as an employee.

Flu vaccines can provide you with work-specific benefits. For example, they will help lessen your number of absences due to flu. Also, you will not be spreading the virus to your colleagues, which will otherwise affect the company as a whole.

6. It is good for business as an employer.

By administrating flu shots to your employees, you are reducing their chances of getting sick, ensuring a good level of productivity and efficiency. Most importantly, you are showing that you care for them. To take full advantage of this programme as an employer, you can opt for bulk billed flu vaccination under the country’s Medicare system.

While the benefits of getting a flu vaccine every year are often misunderstood, it is actually important not only for your health, but also for the well-being of other people around you. If you want more information about this immunisation programme, visit and you will receive the answers that you are looking for.